The world has a chance to avoid this pandemic, but it surprises it


A team of 13 independent experts responsible for assessing the global response to the crisis said that the covid-19 pandemic is an avoidable disaster.

Their report was released on May 12 and was commissioned by the World Health Organization. It shocked global leaders. They failed to heed repeated warnings, wasted time, accumulated information and urgently needed supplies, and did not take this seriously. Crisis. Although some countries have taken active measures to curb the spread of the virus, “many countries, including some of the wealthiest countries, have devalued emerging science, denied the severity of the disease, delayed response, and eventually became public It has caused mistrust, which has had fatal consequences,” said Helen Clark, co-chair of the Independent Panel on Pandemic Preparedness and Response, and former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, on Wednesday.

That report-COVID-19: making it the last pandemic Take a closer look at why we have failed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. It also focuses on the future, focusing on strategies to end current crises and avoid future crises.

Here are five key points:

  1. We have a chance to avoid disaster in early 2020, and we waste it. The author writes: “Poor strategic choices, unwillingness to resolve inequality, and uncoordinated systems have combined to create a toxic cocktail, turning the pandemic into a catastrophic human crisis.”
  2. The supply of vaccines must be strengthened and vaccinations must be redistributed. The report calls on rich countries to provide 1 billion doses of vaccine to low- and middle-income countries by September 2021, and another 1 billion doses by the middle of next year. It also promotes vaccine manufacturers to provide licensing and technology transfer agreements. And if these agreements are not reached within three months, it will require automatic abandonment so that production can be started where filming is most needed.
  3. The World Health Organization needs more power and more funds. WHO should have the right to investigate potential pandemic pathogens in any country within a short period of time and release information about outbreaks without the approval of the national government.
  4. A new organization is needed to help the World Health Organization. The report calls for the establishment of a global health threat council composed of heads of state to ensure that countries continue to work on pandemic prevention and requires all countries to be responsible for containing the outbreak.
  5. The impact of the pandemic on almost every aspect of daily life is beyond words. More than 3 million people died of covid-19, including at least 17,000 health workers. The panel of experts wrote that this crisis “has caused the deepest impact on the global economy since the Second World War, and it is also the largest simultaneous contraction of the national economy since the Great Depression.” This crisis has plunged more than 100 million people into extreme poverty. They added: “The most frustrating thing is that those who had the least illness before the pandemic now have less.”


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