The sequel knife seems to be made for the internet


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First, make an announcement. In fact, three of them. We will start with the latest content.Deadline, Thursday reported that Kathryn Hahn Is set to join the sequel Knife out, Director Rian Johnson2019 is surprisingly clever.This news follows report that Janelle MonĂ¡e, Dave Bautista, with Edward Norton Also starred in the sequel, which is part of the two movie deal signed with Netflix Reported to be worth about 450 million U.S. dollars.If a news Knife out 2 Movies alone are not exciting enough, this latest update is exciting.

This also proves that this movie is likely to do its due function: to light up the damn Internet. As early as 2019, Knife out It’s a bit confusing. It made less than $27 million in its first weekend, but continued to make money afterwards. More than 310 million US dollars worldwideThis is partly due to word of mouth and sincere goodwill. Those who saw it supported it vigorously. The knitted sweater worn by the movie’s Chris Evans inspired memes and fanaticism. (Look: #KnivesOutChallengeIn short, it is very popular.

Therefore, it is no wonder that Netflix has spent such a large amount of cash to secure its sequel. Streaming media services are very suitable for popular cultural collections on the Internet.But it’s not like officeNetflix can fully own these sequels because it pays for them. However, Netflix may not own all the content related to this movie and franchise.After the transaction is made public, no matter who runs it @KnivesOut Twitter account Published something about Does not belong Knife out 2, Resulting in some Claim Netflix immediately hired a social media manager. (The original film was produced and distributed by Lionsgate and MPC, and probably Twitter experts worked for one of them.)

This is exactly the enthusiasm that Netflix needs to take advantage of its acquisitions. This brings us back to casting.on the one hand Mona, Norton, Hahn and Bautista are all excellent additions to any cast. But on the other hand, they are all convincing choices.first of all Knife out It was successful because many actors in the band had to confront the genre a little bit. It allowed Brit Daniel Craig (actually James Bond) to play the role of a prosperous Southern detective, trying to solve a potential murder. LaKeith Stanfield is Craig’s rogue straight man cast from the center. It makes Evans (actually Captain America) play a qualified and convincing kid.Michael Shannon is often creepy Knife outThe same is true, but he also has a sense of insecurity. Jamie Lee Curtis is Jamie Lee Curtis (no need to be perfect).


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