The best way to get VR workouts (this is also very interesting)


VR training is not for everyone, but for some people, it may be more suitable This Something that allows them to start regular exercise. Before choosing the right workout app for you, it’s worth determining your goals. Do you want to get some aerobic exercise every day? Or do you just want to leave the work chair? Your goals will help you decide which apps are best for you, so keep these in mind.

Defeat the saber

One of the most popular VR workout apps happened by accident. Defeat the saber Follow the traditions of other rhythm games, such as Guitar hero with Dance dance revolution, Use the virtual lightsaber to cut into each block in a certain song in time.Very like DDR, So participating in physical exercise is a very good aerobic exercise. Depending on the number of times you participate in it, as well as the frequency and duration of the game, you can develop a habit of exercising more than other times.

It is worth remembering Defeat the saber Not specifically designed for exercise, like DDR, You can more or less participate in the action to get better results. If you focus most of your movements on your wrists or arms, the exercise will not be as intense as it takes up more space.since Defeat the saber It is mainly a game, it does not teach you the best form of exercise. You may need to do something yourself.


If you are exercising Defeat the saber But want to be more proactive in getting the best exercise method, supernatural May increase your speed.The game is similar to Defeat the saber, Allowing you to use the virtual music stick to slide in the music in time.Not like Defeat the saber, This game is designed to inspire exercise. It will push you to squat, lunge and various other movements as part of each song. Virtual trainers sometimes appear to guide you to exercise in the best form. New exercises are released every day, even with instructive meditation environments and online leaderboards.

Downside supernatural relatively Defeat the saber A monthly subscription is required. It starts at $20 per month, but you can pay $180 for a year to save on the overall price.If you are not sure whether you will stick to the program, you may want to try a free trial or stick to a one-time purchase application, such Defeat the saber. However, if you are ready to turn your VR exercise habits into routine, then Supernatural may be a good choice.

Dance center

If you want to exercise your body through a full-body dance, Dance center May increase your speed.This app works similarly to previous games This Dance center series, Usually use Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral to track movement. In this version of the game, you use VR headsets and controllers instead.

Like previous games, the goal is to imitate the dance on the screen as much as possible. Since your score depends on how well you respond to dance moves, this game can better train your body to perform correct movements instead of relying on simple wrist Defeat the saber, Dance center It’s a one-time purchase, so you don’t have to pay for the subscription.This makes it an attractive alternative to more fitness-oriented applications, such as supernatural.

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