The 14 cheapest headphones and earplugs under $100 (2021)


Best headphones Products under $100 are harder to find than you think. In WIRED, listening to music all day is part of our work, usually on fancy and crazy expensive models. We have playlists for testing bass, evaluating details, and participating in dance parties, we can list them all. But, believe it or not, we all love testing cheap things. When checking out the headphones that can bring them the most benefits, it seems that every year the company is making better and better models.

This does not mean that our work is complete; retailers are still using cheap, bad headphones, so we will continue to listen to and update our selection of products every few months.When you are looking for the next pair, be sure to check out many of our other products purchase guide, Including The best wireless headphones with Best wireless fitness headphones.

Update May 2021: We added Anker Soundcore Life Q30 and Fiio FH1, and updated the price and the entire link.

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