“Subnautica: Below Zero” and its wonderfully boring ocean


Compared with free-form exploration, this aspect Subnautica: Below zero It is systematic. The blueprints I got were basically “handmade recipes”, the raw materials of which came from the bottom of the sea. For the batteries necessary to power my tools, I needed two ribbon plants and a piece of copper, so I ventured into the ocean and returned to where I knew they existed. More complex items require ingredients found in deeper, more dangerous waters, so I only go there at the clumsy Sitruk. Slowly but surely, the miracle I gained from the game environment was replaced by trading familiarity. The ocean, which makes people feel frustrated by this, began to resemble a huge, fluctuating grocery store. In order to collect the grape seed clusters that require hydraulic oil, I headed to the kelp forest aisle.

The game occasionally only makes my nautical consumerism a reality, for example when I put items on the ocean floor because I need to make room for more resources.Sometimes, a few days later, I found my trash and felt inside, even though as long as As a video game. At the same time, in Seatruck, I was protected and kept away from sea dwellers. When I whipped in the waters rich in organisms, the little fish splashed faint yellow flowers on the glass, just like insects beating on the windshield of a car, ended by my own obvious, oversized existence.

No major ocean degradation of any kind has occurred because of the deprivation of resources from the ocean. Indeed, this static state makes me wonder how the game responds to environmental degradation.in Floating Leviathan We tasted a first-person underwater game about how to catch a beautiful blue whale. Every time you successfully hit a giant mammal, the game’s polygons, soft-toned visual effects will appear burrs and blemishes, until the entire screen is shaking-cracking to a disgusting degree. In just 10 minutes, Floating Leviathan What is striking is how to disrupt human actions.

Because catching squirrels interferes with the entire environment, this means that a single action will reverberate in the game’s small, interconnected fishbowl-like world.Visually imply this dependence Subnautica: Below zero, But as far as I know, they don’t express themselves in other ways. For a more symbiotic view of the ocean, players can also consider the ocean in the 2020s. In other waters, Its manufacturer Gareth Damian Martin said, this is a top-down maritime adventure, inspired by Lynn Margulis, A biologist proposed that symbiosis rather than competition is the force that drives evolution and adaptation. It contains some beautiful moments where you can witness the subtle interaction between marine life.

Maybe this represents the failure of my own imagination, but I can’t imagine Subnautica: Below zero Explore this symbiosis system, or take the prospect of environmental degradation seriously. In fact, how would you simulate such a complex and ever-changing network of mutual influence and interdependence in such a huge game? What it reflects is the imperfect relationship between the real world and resources, the natural world and the concept of progress.Technology in Subnautica: Below zero Let me stare into the deepest virtual abyss and feel the unfathomable horror and dizziness. I arrived at these submerged vistas because I spent hours grinding, farming, and consuming the ocean around me, and this was only because the bounty could magically reappear in a few hours. I hope that the ocean in our real world can be as resilient as the fantasy presented by this game.

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