“Resident Evil Village” is too conscious to fully enjoy themselves


Protagonist Ethan Winters (Ethan Winters) of Resident Evil Village, Woke up from being stabbed half-dead and found himself in a debt-laden scene Hell killer Like Jim Henson’s maze. He saw a gloomy castle hall with five monsters covering him, and the slaves giggled while arguing about which monster would kill their captives terribly. A little doll in a wedding dress screamed at a drooling, hunched mutant whose face was covered with open ils. A giant vampire in evening clothes stands on Ethan, a gloved hand holding a slender cigarette holder, arguing with a man in denim clothes and John Lennon glasses.

This group of monsters is very interesting. They are all kinds of Halloween decorations. Cavalry of the Party City Enlightenment. When the werewolf began to squeeze into the room, the cowboy spread his arms. “Werewolves and gentlemen, we thank you for waiting!” he declared. “Now let the game begin!”

The announcement of this role, sloppy puns and others, feels like a mission statement village-Invite everyone to have a happily spooky ghost in the autumn evening, if it is properly maintained throughout the game, it will be the latest resident Evil One of the best series so far.

Since its debut more than 20 years ago, resident Evil The series is full of horror stories (and sci-fi action movies) of different styles.Its first entry is a B video transmission, where amateur voice actors do their best to navigate Clumsy script Played an unintentional schlock comedy-this approach finally reached its peak with a more deliberate sense of humor Resident Evil 4of Single line, College villains and classic horror themes.By 2017 Resident Evil 7 After the release, the series has finally led to Too many absurd action movies And decided to try again to deliberately frighten it.

Following the well-known deep horror 7, This game seems to eagerly attract old classmates resident Evil Fans, because it is meant to unconsciously imitate images saw with Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, village To a large extent, it seems to be interested in changing course again, and return to the restless carnival atmosphere earlier in the series. The premise alone is sufficient to figure this out. After his daughter was kidnapped, Ethan found himself in a fictional Romanian village, which the modern world seems to have forgotten. When the crazy werewolf walked through a winter labyrinth of muddy muddy trails and a dense rural house (located at the bottom of a huge castle) looking for him, he immediately fought for his life.

The non-folks he met were all from a central casting conference at Universal Pictures in the 1930s: peasant women wore 19th century ankle-length skirts, men wore wool sweaters and flat caps. These people always picked up at a distance. Pitchforks and torches are only minutes away. Soon after, Ethan escaped the above-mentioned clumsy noble vampire because she and her bloody daughter were pestering him in a castle whose Gothic appearance concealed a noble, ivory and A labyrinth of golden baroque rooms and corridors.

In the dungeon below their luxuriously furnished house, Ethan discovered that these vampires would hunt prey to create a handmade red wine mixed with virgin blood. The absurdity doesn’t stop there. Later, Ethan defeated a fish monster that had turned into a pitiful vomit among towering behemoths and paid tribute to him: What a disgusting! (At another point, he killed a huge werewolf and said “eating shit” because it turned into dust under his feet.)

Even in addition to stupid conversations, there are language environments larger than life, and various weird monsters that plague these language environments. village Full of absurd running jokes.Especially in the game evil DeadDebt-laden Fixed with Cruel Ethan’s Hand. His palm was pierced by a hook, the werewolf chewed his fingers, and the entire forearm was sliced ​​before Ethan. Using a cartoon logic, he grabbed the piece he had cut and glued it to the nodule that had just been amputated. Then pour it out. The liquid medicine covered it, so it miraculously reattached itself.


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