ObéFitness review: a retro-style home fitness streaming service


online service Obé (pronounced “obey”) Fitness provides a modern feel to the highly sought-after VHS tapes that your mom has ever watched. As you might expect from a company founded by a former TV genius scout, Obé stands out in the crowded fitness field with its exquisite set design. Dedicated and charismatic coach; does not need any equipment other than a laptop or iPhone for exercise.

First, just choose one of the 15 exercise types provided. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) courses to yoga and meditation courses, the range can be broadcast live or on-demand. There is also a series of all-day fitness challenge series, from the seven-day beginner program to the one-month fat burner series.

Pale white shade

Regarding Obé’s visual aesthetics, the first thing you might notice is the background setting. Unlike the usual studio setup, the coach is framed by a blank wall. As you exercise, the tones on the walls will change, creating a lively feeling for each meeting. This is almost enough to spread your workload.

The live class is the star of the show here, because a planned exercise schedule can increase your sense of responsibility and make you look forward to at the end of the working day. However, if you can’t participate in live broadcast courses of around 20 sessions per day, you can stream more than 5,000 on-demand courses. The format of the on-demand course is the same as the live course, but you will not hear the thrill of the coach calling out your name in the live course.

You don’t need company’s professional equipment, and some classes don’t need equipment at all. Others need dumbbells and exercise belts, or items around the house, such as a chair, to go to barbell classes.

The coach will take you to exercise, occasionally speaking directly to class members and shouting personalized encouragement, and this is where Obé really excels. The home fitness system relies on its coaches and programs to attract people to use it. The coach can build or destroy the system, and Obé’s coach is definitely a home run. Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett, the co-founders of Obé, started out as talent agents, and most of their coaches have a background in the entertainment industry. Their camera charm and entertaining personality make each class have something to look forward to rather than fear.

When I participate in CrossFit or weightlifting classes, I must always pay attention to how my members feel during the exercise, so when I see the coach actively exercising while talking, I will be impressed. When I was doing fitness band exercises with coach Melody D., she constantly provided guidance and encouragement, referred to participants by name, and even provided brief anecdotes. At the same time, I was panting, and could do nothing but the grunt of the caveman.

I walked in with a skeptical attitude. I am used to throwing weights and pulling myself onto a 20-foot rope, so I am not sure how much effort these exercises will bring me. About 15 minutes after the first exercise, I learned that the answer was “many things”. Not long after I couldn’t breathe, I jumped over a circle of boards while holding my breath (sorry, coach Angelo G.).

The 10 to 15-minute fast class is very suitable for rapid increase of energy during the working day, and the half-hour class is easy to adapt during the lunch break. After that, they also made me crave smoothies instead of using strong ground beef and rice as my usual staples. That kind of studio atmosphere really sinks into it.

Feel on stage

Many Obé classes do not require any equipment, but some require simple things, such as weightlifting, chairs or yoga mats.



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