Metaverse will host its first virtual fashion show


Online meta universe During the pandemic, the social networking site IMVU grew by 44%; now, it attracts 7 million monthly active users, most of whom are women or users with IDs, aged between 18 and 24. If you are not one of millions of users, please refer to the following: On IMVU, users create personal avatars and dress them up as clothes designed by other users (in the website’s terms, creators) are paid in real money Purchased with credit. The purpose of IMVU is to connect with friends virtually and potentially make new friends, but shopping is not a small part of the appeal of the site. IMVU’s virtual store has 50 million items produced by more than 200,000 creators. More than 27 million transactions are exchanged for 14 billion credits (or 14 million U.S. dollars) every month. As Barbara Kruger said in her famous artwork in 1990, “I shop, so I am me” has resonated in this digital world.

Lindsay Anne Aamodt, the site’s senior director of marketing, said: “Fashion is the center for people to create avatars on IMVU and connect with others.” “Part of the reason is that dressing up avatars in the digital space allows people to access whatever they want. This is difficult to do in the real world.” For example, at the 2019 Met Gala night, before the camera stopped flashing, there was a virtual version of the celebrity’s camping red carpet on IMVU. “Whenever there is a mainstream or fashion trend in popular culture, this happens immediately at IMVU,” Aamodt confirmed. Users conduct their own fashion shows, set up a virtual model agency and preside over the award ceremony. When the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic began to bring musicians to digital platforms like IMVU, where they could make videos without real-world works, Aamodt caught her attention.

Now, she is the first to launch the first virtual fashion show on IMVU, which combines real-world labels Mountain road, Gypsy Sports, Movarola, Freak City, Bruce Glen, My Mum Made It and Mimi Wade, as well as professional creators who understand the 3D meshing and texturing process, these processes bring IMVU’s clothes and accessories to life. The show will be aired on May 27, after which IMVU users will be able to buy and dress up their avatars in the designer look they see on the virtual runway.

As an alien avatar for Gypsy Sports.

Offered by IMVU

Mowalola’s avatar.

Offered by IMVU

Buy-as-you-go components make it compatible with Protect the animals A fashion show was held in May last year, when a suspension order made live broadcasting impossible. The same is true of the level of IMVU’s 3D avatar. “This goes far beyond the meaning of putting a logo on a digital T-shirt or’pixel pants’,” Aamodt said. “I really want to see two things happen: I want to see people look at fashion differently—not just wearing clothes on their avatars, but looking at products from Collina Strada or Mowalola, and This kind of expression is more creative. Moreover, I also want to communicate with real-world brands, saying that “Metaverse” is a place for the masses, where there is a real opportunity for brand integration, brand expansion and brand expression.” She continued Say: “It’s one thing to watch ads over and over again. It’s one thing to do Instagram Live. But before you actually invest in a brand in the real world, it’s another thing to own a brand, and this kind of accessibility Sex will only increase the influence of these brands.”

The designers of the IMVU product line are not necessarily technical leaders, but they are all people who break the rules in one way or another. As an advocate of sustainable development, Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada tried on virtual clothes. Taymour said: “There is a way to create more educational models or expressive models, not just product models.” fashion With the assistance of Gucci, she made a video game for the 21st autumn, when the task was to deal with climate change. On IMVU, Taymour’s avatar will be wearing virtual clothes she sells IRL, and more fantastic clothes. She said: “I am not closely connected with digital media. I hope to get stuck on a rock during the shutdown, but I do think this is a way of creating things.” “I am a small brand, I don’t have The team does everything I want to do.” Mowalola Ogunlesi was born in Nigeria and London, and co-founded a new company Yeezy Gap with Kanye West. She said: “I like the idea of ​​digitalization because I have never done it before.” “This is an idea, it can be anything, and people can store it all at once without having to wait for production for the store.”

The avatar of Collina Strada will ride these imaginary animals.

Offered by IMVU

Mountain road Offered by IMVU
Mountain road Offered by IMVU

Rio Uribe of Gypsy Sport pays attention to representatives in the real world with Virtual. His latest IRL runway is a celebration of his Chicano legacy. On IMVU, his avatar will be modeled after his muse and other people working with him, with only exotic blue-green skin and otherworldly features. “This will start from New York City, and then they will enter the Gypsy universe. This is a metaphysical world where all bodies are valid and there is almost no need for fashion, because we would rather be naked, but this is a way of expressing ourselves. Good way,” he said. He added: “My inspiration comes from the reason we introduce people to the gypsy sport, which is why we repeat the appearance of the past, but give them a Met Gala turning point that is much larger than life.” “Maybe. One of these works can be screened at the Metropolitan Museum one day.”


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