Making video games is not the job of dream job


Working at a video game company seems to be the perfect job, but Bloomberg News reporter Jason Schreier Said reality is far from ideal.

Schreier said in episode 466 of the New York Times: “This is not an industry that treats people well.” Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “This is not a stable or high-paying industry. This is also an industry with a large supply and not much demand. Therefore, this is not the ideal place to work.”

For his new book News reset: the ruins and recovery of the video game industry, Schreier talked to countless game developers who died due to frequent layoffs in the industry. He said: “The gaming industry sells professional fantasy.” “It exudes an illusion that you will work for the same company for 10, 15 years, but in fact this will never happen. In this world, People keep jumping between work.”

The poor working conditions are especially shocking when you consider the video game industry to be a lucrative global giant. “It’s a worthy 180 billion U.S. dollars“, Schreier said, “So you would think that they can keep workers employed, but they must see these income figures increase, please welcome those shareholders.

This situation may sound severe, but Schreier is optimistic that unions and remote work can greatly improve the lives of game developers. “[Press Reset] It is based on the premise that things can and will change, and need to change. “He said. “I don’t just want it to be a book that checks and points out all these problems without at least providing some solutions. “

Listen to the full interview with Jason Schreier in episode 46 of episode 466 Geek Galaxy Guide (the above). And look at some key points from the discussion below.

Jason Schreier’s information about remote work:

“One of the turbulent issues is that you might be trapped in a city where there are no other gaming jobs, because like I said before, the gaming industry is so fragmented. Not all jobs can be found in one place. So if You end up losing your job and being stuck in a place like Boston, you may have to walk 3,000 miles to get the next game job. So for many people, this is unrealistic. They have to let their own Life is uprooted and let their children leave school and go to school. This will not happen. This is one of the reasons why people are exhausted. If they can work remotely and can find a job anywhere without moving, then It may change things and may make the gaming industry more suitable for many people.”

Jason Schreier (Jason Schreier) in the 1980s:

“In the history of gaming, I have not spoken to anyone who has worked at every company, so I am not sure which company is worse than others. Since the beginning of the 1980s, of course I have been in the process of the entire video game industry. I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about working conditions. At that time, people were essentially playing games in the game room-a dozen people were eating pizza, drinking soda, and staying up all night to play games. Although this was for a certain It may be interesting to some people, but in fact this is something you can only do when you are in your twenties. Since then, the gaming industry has achieved specialization in some ways, but in general, it Still facing many difficult problems.”

Jason Schreier Studio 38:

“Rhode Island was a little troublesome, they still feel the effects of the 2008 recession. [The governor] Providence, Rhode Island, has the vision of “Silicon Valley of the East”. He believes that 38 Studios will become the core, not only bringing hundreds of jobs to Rhode Island, but also bringing all those who are willing to spend money to nearby bars, restaurants and coffee shops, and he also thinks other game developers or technology The company will follow. …I’m not a politician, so it’s hard to say [$75 million] Some money can be spent in such a situation, but the logic does make sense. You will understand why a desperate governor made all the promises to his state about finding a new job, and why he would want to retreat so crazy Move. “

Jason Schreier release date:

“If I was making word processing software, I would know,’Well, I need to use it to make a document, and if I need to type text, I need it to print it out on the screen.’ It works this way.” But For a game, you not only need it to run normally, but also not to be an off-road vehicle, you also need it to make the game fun. This vague concept of “fun” adds a lot of trouble to the whole situation, because how do I know this game will be fun? How do I know exactly how long it will take to play this game? How do I know if it will be four weeks or eight weeks before I have fun? This is impossible. Therefore, all game scheduling is basically based on educated guesses. “

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