Inside the Amazon Empire with writer Brad Stone


MC:will not. To be honest, I am a well-trained monkey. I just clicked the button and started to wait for things to reach my door, but-

LG: This is what Amazon wants.

MC: This is mainly what we are going to talk about in today’s program. We will talk about Amazon.

LG: Compared with Brad Stone, what better way than to enter the heart of Amazon.

MC: Indeed.

[Gadget Lab intro theme music plays]

MC: Hello everyone. Welcome to the Gadget Lab. I am Michael Calore, the senior editor of WIRED.

LGThis is Lauren Goode. I am a senior writer for Wired magazine.

MC: Reporter and writer Brad Stone (Brad Stone) also joined us.Welcome, brad

Brad Stone: Hi, everybody.

MC: Glad you are here. Brad is a longtime Bloomberg reporter. He is the author of a book on Amazon, not two.Brad’s first book on Amazon is called Everything store, And came out in 2013.This new book came out this week and its name is Amazon is not bound: Jeff Bezos and the invention of the global empire. You can actually read an excerpt from the book we published on WIRED this week. In the second half of the show, we will talk about Amazon’s founder and CEO, and will no longer be CEO Jeff Bezos soon, but for the first half, of course there will be some Bezos speeches, but we will mainly focus on Focus on Amazon as a company.

Now, Brad, I think you feel the need to write a second book on Amazon, just because so much has happened since the first book was published in 2013. The company has developed in all these interesting directions in recent years. Groceries, movies, TV shows, Alexa. You have something to do.

Bachelor’s degree: Yes, because I have to say to report, trying to dig out the secrets of this highly confidential, dominant company, so I am punished, but like many reporters, I am fascinated by a good story. I am a business reporter. I was attracted by a good business story. In 2017, when I started this project, yes, Kindle had become an Alexa company. At that time, this $100 billion company has developed into a company with $80 or 900 billion. Bezos has almost transformed from this weird technician to Vin Diesel or The Rock in our eyes. Know the nerd version.

So I started to study it. While studying the book, we encountered HQ2, we encountered the Bezos National Enquirer scandal, we conducted an antitrust investigation in Amazon’s large-scale technology, and then we launched a pandemic. In a sense, this is indeed my chance, because this company has become so large and dominant, as Lauren said earlier, many people are beginning to have an impact on this. Then, of course, when I was about to finish the manuscript, Bezos resigned as CEO, which was actually the end of an era. So this is a book about the past decade and Amazon’s growth from a technology giant to a global empire.

LG: You were thinking, because all these things happen all the time, I will never finish reading this book.

Bachelor’s degree: Well, I was thinking, boy, this is more juicy than I thought.

LG: Did you end up doing a dumpster dive for this book?


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