DoorDash job posting reveals plans to launch in Germany


Food delivery application DoorDash is preparing to launch in Germany, which will be the first time a US market leader has entered the rapidly crowded European delivery application market.

Company Sharing 15 job postings Seeking to fill management, strategy and recruitment positions in Berlin on Monday. It is not clear when the plan is to start.

This move will follow Uber, Told the Financial Times in April It will bring its food service Uber Eats to Germany within a few weeks (starting in Berlin).

Earlier this month, Delivery Hero, which sold its German business to Just Eat Takeaway in 2018, said it would Re-enter this country Named after the Foodpanda brand. Finland’s Wolt has also recently entered the market.

New players are likely to undermine Just Eat Takeaway’s historical dominance, which has almost occupied a share of the German market in the past two years.

Just Eat Takeaway CEO Jitse Groen said in a speech: “Competition makes us stronger.” Tweet last week Respond to the news of the return of Teleportation Hero.

DoorDash declined to comment on job postings or the company’s expansion plans in Germany. It said: “We will continue to evaluate expansion opportunities in order to further build international influence.”

It is expected that DoorDash will be further promoted to Europe including the United Kingdom. “Financial Times” has Previous report The company was looking for acquisition targets in Europe, and the post of the German general manager required someone who could “develope a script” to enter other markets “faster”.

It is not yet clear which employment model DoorDash will use in Germany, because stricter employment laws mean that gig workers used in the United States are not allowed to set up.

One of the positions recruited was to be the head of policy and government relations, requiring a person familiar with the “political and regulatory environment at the German and EU level.”

Last month, Uber told the Financial Times that its Berlin food couriers will be hired by a fleet management company, similar to a mini-taxi group, which is contracted by Uber and paid on orders. The fleet manager then decides how to retain and pay the workers.

According to data obtained by Edison Trends based on sales in the last week of April, DoorDash is the largest food delivery application market in the United States, accounting for approximately 55% of the market nationwide. Uber Eats has 31%, and Grubhub, About to have Just Eat Takeaway’s shareholding ratio is 13% and is subject to shareholder approval.

DoorDash is also increasingly delivering other types of goods. Last week, the company stated that about 7% of the current total orders are used to purchase convenience products, such as toiletries, flowers or alcohol. In addition to picking up goods from existing stores such as 7-11, it also operates a network of more than 25 “Dashmarts”, and couriers can pick up goods from these warehouses for fast delivery.

If it tries to imitate this model in the German market, it will compete with rivals such as Gorillas and Flink, which are two fast delivery apps based in Berlin. Istanbul’s Getir (similar app) is scheduled to be launched in Berlin soon.


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