Coronavirus Guidelines: Symptoms, Testing, Treatment and Economics


it’s over Since the first case of coronavirus in China, the threat of the virus has exceeded normal life, and phrases such as “social distancing” and “contact tracing” have been included in our collective vocabulary. From unemployment statistics to drug trials, new information about this pandemic continues to emerge, and on any given day, dozens of theories about the disease are being developed or confirmed.As the pandemic enters its second year, the following issues have become increasingly serious How to track who is vaccinated to How to prepare for the inevitability of a future pandemic. We provide you with a guide to everything you need to know about this pandemic, including how to keep your children entertained or how this outbreak affects the economy.We will update it regularly Help you track All aspects of the rapidly evolving situation.

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Basic background

What is the coronavirus and when did it become a pandemic

Coronavirus 2019 It is one of hundreds of viruses that we know, and one of the seven viruses that are known to infect humans.These viruses Affect the lungs It can also cause fever and sometimes gastrointestinal problems.The World Health Organization declares that the coronavirus situation is Global emergency In January 2020, Pandemic In mid-March. The pandemic may end, but some experts now say, The virus will become an endemic disease And persevere in a less lethal way.We don’t know exactly when and where the virus jumped Bats vs. humans, in spite of In progress Tracking SARS-CoV-2 Back to its origin.

COVID-19 symptoms

This The most common symptoms The symptoms of Covid-19 are dry cough, fever and shortness of breath.Others include diarrhea and Lose of smell or taste.Some people develop Severe blood clot. This disease is chickenpoxQuite mild for some people Fatal to others.scientists Can’t say with certainty why, but Women are less likely to die than men.we know The elderly, Especially those with underlying health problems, More risky.with Children’s fares are higher than adult fares, But for Infants with other diseases This disease May be serious.On the long road to recovery, people have experienced “Brain Fog”, Heart problems,And other Long distance problem.

Social distancing and security issues

Social isolation its about Stay away from others in order to Long enough to delay spread Viral.When you really have to be close to other people, such as in a grocery store, delivering food, or walking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It is recommended to live 6 feet away.To achieve this, many states have implemented Temporary Asylum Order Start with the place throughout the pandemic Reopen-And cancelled the reopening plan-Everyone has a problem About what is safe. You should still avoid travel, Especially airplane.Scientists are still trying to figure out How the virus spreads through the air, Especially in densely populated cities.In order to survive the pandemic, some public health experts have also proposed Color coding guidelines.But there is no foolproof method Calculated risk.The only way to avoid spreading Covid-19 is to follow all Public health guidelines We have as many as possible.

How long does the coronavirus last on the surface (and how to disinfect it)

Now we know you More likely Get the coronavirus from the shared air, not the shared surface.In other words, it’s not a bad idea to do this regularly Clean and disinfect high-touch items and surfaces Such as door handles, remote controls and counters.One of the most important things you can do is Wash your hands!You will want Soap or can also Make your own hand sanitizer at home.

Wearing a mask

This CDC recommends wearing a mask If not doubled In public places where it is difficult to maintain social isolation measures.They are one Must have, Here are a few Our favorite.When stocking up, please remember Not all masks are the same. You should put a disposable surgical mask under the fabric mask.This is our technique for making cloth masks-all you need is A T-shirt and two rubber bands.

New virus variants

All viruses mutate As time goes by From one person to another.The new coronavirus is no exception, but recently Several new strains Has appeared, seems to be More contagious. The good news is that the vaccines we have so far are still effective against these new variants.Not all variants are The cause of the alarm.As a scientist Facilitate gene sequencing to Track these with Other mutations With more effective methods and continued vaccination, the emergence of these viruses means that compliance with social distancing guidelines is more important than ever.

Testing, treatment and vaccinations

Latest test update

Sometimes especially during holidayMany people rely on the assumption that negative testing means that they can safely meet with others.But as far as we know Super promotion last fall In the White House, we need to do more than just testing to prevent the spread of the virus.Even the test result itself does not necessarily account for The nuances of the disease.

Covid-19 treatment

Currently, there is no definitive treatment method for Covid-19.Some researchers conducted an investigation Chloroquine, Malaria drugs President Trump touted,but Do not evidence That is Feasible treatment.Others research and use Anti-flu drugs with Crispy Curing disease.This Antiviral redesivir May also be Helpful, in spite of expensive.Hope the research will find Old medicine Effective treatment of Covid-19, which simplifies Drug discovery process.All in all, Covid-19 drug research has proven to be Messy.


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